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NAPSA process criticized as irritating as authority settles claims for over K200 million

A FEW members of the public have complained that using the e-NAPSA interface to access their 20% partial withdrawal from NAPSA has been problematic.

People have flocked to NAPSA offices and online platforms to start the process of receiving their partial retirement funds ever since a law was passed allowing contributors to claim 20% of their pensions.

Although the Authority claims to have paid out over K200 million in claims, many people have expressed their displeasure, saying the procedure is onerous.

When the NAPSA offices in Kitwe’s ECL Mall were checked, a long line snaked up to the entrance, and police were closely monitoring the situation to make sure the process was orderly.

Those interviewed claimed that the online system is unreliable since it continually fails to identify their identification and contact information. As a result, they decided to physically visit NAPSA facilities but were faced by lengthy lines and throngs of people.

“It is shocking that NAPSA are saying my contact details are wrong but that is the same number that they use to send me an update on the same number whenever a contribution by my employer is made. Why did they not question my details when the money is sent to them for contributions, the same way it is easy to make contributions should be the same way it is easy to make withdraws,”, James Ngoma, potential beneficiary said.

Another contributor working at one of the retailers in Kitwe said he managed to register online but no response has been sent to him even after one business day as the prompt indicated.

“I managed to register for e-NAPSA. I did not have any problems in terms of the system being slow, maybe it is because I did it in the night when the platform was not congested. My only concern is they have not responded to me like they promised so I have come here to check,” he said.

NAPSA on the other hand have claimed that the process is ongoing with over K200 million Kwacha paid in claims to over 6,000 beneficiaries.

“Over K237 Million paid in pre-retirement lump sum claims,” they wrote on their facebook page

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