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NAQEZ Comments On The Govt’s University Grants

The government, acting through the Treasury, has received accolades from the National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) for allocating 115,100,000 Kwacha as university grants.

It is encouraging, according to AARON CHANSA, executive director of NAQEZ, that the government has given public universities a lot of attention.

According to Mr. CHANSA, the government’s consistency in meeting its budgetary commitments to universities would guarantee that academic activities are not interfered with.

The release of the cash, according to the Parliamentary Committee on Education Science and Technology, will stabilize the operations of the majority of universities that previously owing for lectures and other legal responsibilities.

The committee’s chair, TWAMBO Mutinta, has also pleaded with academic staff and students to allow the government time to resolve the numerous issues that face the nation’s institutions of higher learning.

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