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Nawa Detained For Disregarding True Information

Motivational speaker MUBITA NAWA has been detained by police in Solwezi on suspicion of assault and providing a public official with false information.

In a phone interview with ZNBC, Central Province Police Commissioner DAVID CHILESHE indicated that Mr. NAWA will be taken to Mkushi, the purported scene of the incident.

Nine other people, including a couple of LUSAKA and Mr. and Mrs. KANGUYA who were also detained, are also charged alongside Mr. NAWA.

According to Mr. CHILESHE, Mr. NAWA allegedly provided police officers in Mkushi with information that the government had supposedly given the youths access to the SACKO Mine.

According to him, Mr. NAWA was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. KANGUYA and around 12 other persons, and about 50 young people received the information.

Nine people were allegedly assaulted during a subsequent battle that broke out after the rush for the mine, according to Mr. Chileshe.

He claimed that the nine later filed a police report.

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