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Mpezeni: Honoring God And Subjects

Respect for subjects and awe of God, according to Ngoni People of Eastern Province Paramount Chief MPEZENI, have been the foundations of his 40-year rule.

Fourth Chief MPEZENI claims that by prioritizing GOD in his leadership, he has been able to lead the Ngoni people for 40 years.

Traditional leaders around the nation have been challenged to place GOD at the center of their leadership by the traditional leader who ascended to the throne at the age of 26.

Before tomorrow’s Ncwala Traditional event, Chief MPEZENI gave ZNBC News an exclusive interview in Chipata from Laweni.

The traditional chief, who relocated from his palace in Feni to Laweni yesterday, is anticipated to lead a delegation to the ceremony’s location in Mtengulenj tomorrow.

The Ncwala this year, according to Chief MADZIMAWE of the Ngoni people of Kasenengwa District, is unique because it also celebrates the event’s 40th anniversary.

Chief MADZIMAWE stated that Paramount Chief MPEZENI has significantly contributed to bringing Eastern Province’s citizens and Chiefs together.

Moreover, Chief MPEZENI received congratulations from Acting ZAMTEL Managing Director JOSHUA MALUPENGA on his 40th birthday.

Additionally, Mr. MALUPENGA promised that his business will continue to support the Traditional leadership and the Eastern Province by upgrading the Mobile Money platform and expanding network coverage, both of which would lead to the creation of numerous job opportunities.

As he paid Paramount Chief Mpezeni a courtesies call, he said this.

Also, in light of the fact that some criminal elements take advantage of such gatherings, Deputy Inspector General of Police Operations MILNER MUYAMBANGO has guaranteed Paramount Chief MPEZENI of strict security for tomorrow’s ceremony.

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