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Ndola MAN discreetly marries woman behind wifes back

The Ndola local court heard a woman’s complaint that her husband of 22 years had secretly decided to get married to someone else in another province, proving once more that women should not “FEAR” men.

In one instance, Karen Chungu took Andrew Kapembwa into court and filed for divorce after learning about his second marriage.

Karen forced Andrew to appear in court for a divorce on the grounds that she didn’t want to be in a polygamous union.

“One day I wanted to make love to my husband ,but I was shocked to find him shaved. I wanted to have a meeting held over why his private parts are clean, but he told me to keep quiet about it. The problems in our marriage continued to an extent of him chasing me outside of the house and when  elders were involved he ran away,” she said.

She also told the judge that they hadn’t had any sexual relations in the previous 12 months.

In his defense, Andrew testified in court that he attempted to have a conversation with his wife in order to settle their differences, but she never did, so the issues persisted.

“I had no intentions of marrying another woman ,but my wife stopped washing for me and performing her duties. I married another woman because of my wife’s behavior,”

“I have never stayed out of our house for two-years. I made a mistake and I have accepted it . I respect my wife. She is  the mother of my children,” he said.

He also informed the court that his wife wouldn’t let him make love to her.

Making a decision Although Andrew did not want to divorce his wife, he had already married another lady, and senior presiding magistrate John Kabwe of the Kabushi local court, sitting with senior magistrate Emelda Masuwa, approved the divorce on the grounds that reconciliation had failed.

Then he was told to pay his wife K30,000 in K500 monthly installments as restitution.

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