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Ndola man introduces girlfriend as cousin to wife

After his wife described how he brought his sidekick home and introduced her as his cousin, a man from Ndola startled the court.

When Mercy Banda filed for divorce from Chipo Lukena, she claimed that he abandoned their home and would only answer his girlfriend’s calls.

Due of Lukena’s marital infidelity, Mercy has filed a divorce petition against her.

Mercy, who has been married to Lukena for ten years, said in court that their relationship’s issues began nine months into their union.

“He started deserting our home and each time I would call him, his girlfriend would answer his phone. Once he brought his girlfriend to stay home with us and claimed that she was his cousin,” she said.

Mercy narrated to the court that she caught Lukena on many occasions with other women and that the last incident she found him in a taxi with a woman.

“When we engaged our relatives to sit him down, he decided to console his side chick which prompted me to tell my parents to take back the dowry, but he refused,” she said.

In his defence, Lukena told court that his wife was telling the truth, but that he had been apologising for being unfaithful.

“In 2015, I also caught her with another man the time I was doing my jail time because I was arrested. When I came out of prison, another man called and claimed that he had sexual intercourse with my wife and that she was a prostitute,” he claimed.

Lukena also said in court that he begged his wife’s forgiveness for cheating on her, but she insisted on bringing the dowry back, which he rejected.

Making a decision Senior Magistrate John Kabwe, who presided over the Kabushi local court along with Senior Magistrate Emelda Masuwa, issued the divorce without a hearing on the grounds that the reconciliation attempt had failed and the dowry had already been paid back.

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