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Ndola Sisters brought before court for dating married guy

After being hauled before the court for dating the same married man, TWO Ndola women stunned the judges.

Brenda Chipoko, 43, hauled Mwape Lengwe, 27, and Mika Lengwe, 34, to court for allegedly dating her husband and humiliating her.

After being found guilty, the two were later ordered to give the man’s wife K1,500 apiece as compensation.

When she and her husband first started dating the two sisters, Brenda claimed in court, there were disputes between them.

“When I found out about the betrayal, I left my husband, but he called to apologize, and we were able to get back together,” she added.

She testified in court that she had once pursued her husband but had instead discovered him hiding in the bedroom with one of the sisters.

“I was surprised when, two months later, my husband began dating Mwape after splitting with Mika, her older sister. Around 21:00, I caught them in the act, and she began to insult me, as well as members of her family, one by one.

I met with the women’s parents, but despite that, she continued to insult her, even going so far as to leave voicemails for her. For this reason, she said, she had filed a lawsuit against the women.

The sisters asserted that Brenda was the one who started insulting them initially in their defense and that they had never dated her husband while also denying ever insulting Brenda.

Making a decision The sisters were ordered to pay Brenda K1,500 in monthly installments of K250 by senior magistrates Emelda Masuwa and John Kabwe, who presided over the Kabushi local court.

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