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Faith Nketsi on how she was told she’d never get married

Mzansi reality TV star, Faith Nketsi has opened up on her marriage to her husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

The star took to her Twitter to reminisce about the time she was mocked for taking a picture next to a statue cow and was told that was the closest she would ever get to a ‘lobola’.

Faith revealed that she has not been good ever since DJ Sumbody’s passing.

She compared her relationship with Sumbody to that of one of her siblings.

In the same tweet, she also reminisced on how she was mocked and trolled that she will never get married.

Faith Nketsi

The new mom reveals how she was told she would never get married a day in her life, which could only have been because of her past.

“Lol. I remember posting a pic next to a statue cow in Durban and some small-minded person said “that is the closest you will ever get to lobola” it became a whole meme What u may think is an achievement, to someone else may seem like a normal Tuesday. I was 20/21” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo.

“Being married wasn’t something that would give me sleepless nights. I’m so glad I carried on living my best life because if I listened to people that don’t know me, I would be living with regret and feeling robbed of my youthful years worrying about being someone’s wife” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo.

See the tweet below:

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Tweeps trolled Zamar after she tweeted: “Remember when you’re dating it isn’t about you.. you’re there to learn your partner, how to love them and how they receive love. Like vultures circling their prey, trolls immediately jumped onto Zamar’s comment section with receipts of an old TikTok Live video clip where Zamar claimed she had been raped by fellow musician and boyfriend at the time, Sjava.

Lady Zamar

Nqobzin20 then wrote in the caption: “What do you know about love, attention attention seeker?”
Nqobzin20 was not the only one, @NcubukeziM wrote: “I honestly agree with you its not about you and rape fake stories you are the to burry them about your insecurities you lie about rape and abuse while deep down you know that you are a witch.” Learn More

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