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Wiseman Ncube Back With A Vengeance in Uzalo

Wiseman Mncube took a bit of a break from his duties on SABC 1’s Uzalo, to take on a new character of Mqhele on Showmax’s hit series, The Wife.

According to Daily Sun, Wiseman Mncube returns to Uzalo as Sibonelo Mhlongo who is Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo’s son. When he left, he was shot by rival Njinji Mama Sgebengua and then fled to Nigeria.

Sources claim he has returned to the telenovela and has already started shooting his scenes.

“Wiseman has started shooting his scenes. He is returning as the angry Sibonelo. He’ll make sure that those who are responsible for his injury pay,” the source told the publication.

Wiseman Ncube Sibonelo Mhlongo

The publication then adds that Wiseman will either appear in December or season 9 which will premiere in 2023.

Wiseman had big shoes to fill when he landed a role as Mqhele Zulu on The Wife. He took over from Bonko Khoza who portrayed the character exceptionally.

He thanked viewers for welcoming him as the new Mqhele. “I come a long way and have always worked hard on my craft with discipline professionalism and dedication. Always had and still have a dream to make it. Right now I think I’m on the right path…it’s the gift I was gifted with which I love and respect. And nayo keeps showing me the same love and respect. Thank you to everyone who keeps on pushing inspiring motivating and cheering me to never give up and constantly reminding me how great I am. I will never stop. I always said since varsity that if art were to be taken away from me I would die. Alutha continua. ”

Wiseman also paid his respects to Mondli Makhoba who played Nkosana Zulu. “This guy came and carried us until he ran out of money. I heard it say oh my cents are finished. It was hard because where we lived we ended up being removed because of rent but we had about 10 thousand cents.

“This is where we stay, talking about our dreams that one day all will come true many more to come. As we go to Johannesburg we will not leave unemployed for Generations. Truly Makhoba’s brother got a phone and went there. Not a few months left I would have been next too. We keep encouraging each other that more is coming and that this struggle we are going through will be like a dream tomorrow. 2019 I went back to Durban and made a hostel and left him in Johannesburg. When I was in Uzalo he called me saying he is in Durban and let’s meet. He came driving his car and I was driving mine following each other and I heard tears and thought of where we came from and the dreams that we motivated each other is bad but we didn’t give up. Today we are one of the most clever actors yet we haven’t moved from the dreams we will achieve.”


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