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Never Should Load Shedding Be A Yearly Event – HH

A group of energy investors met with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to discuss their plans to build 770 Mega Watts of wind and solar power facilities.

Mphepo Power, Total Eren, Chariot, and First Quantum make up the consortium.

The President also expressed his satisfaction with the consortium’s thorough presentation.

He claimed that the initiatives will have a significant impact on Zambia’s grid stability.

By supporting any attempt by Independent Power Producers to supplement current efforts to increase the present base load, President HAKAINDE stated that the administration is determined to liberate the energy industry.

According to him, load shedding shouldn’t happen every year.

The President stated that while the government is aware of the current issues in the power industry, it sees them as chances to find a long-term solution.

The consortium has been advised by President HAKAINDE to diversify by pursuing hydropower because doing so will increase the nation’s electricity capacity and system reliability.

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