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Nzovu Requests Value Adjustment In The Timber Industry

COLLINS NZOVU, Zambia’s minister of the environment and the green economy, has urged for value addition in the country’s timber sector.

Speaking in a side discussion during the One Forest Summit in Libreville, Gabon, was Mr. NZOVU.

He urged other nations to establish beneficial alliances, particularly in the area of value addition.

A coalition of ministers gathered to explore strategies for the construction industry’s sustainable usage of wood and biodegradable materials.

The Coalition of Ministers also emphasized that the building sector is one of the main contributors to climate change, accounting for around 37% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

The Coalition of Ministers also noted that although producing 94% of the world’s timber, Africa remains underdeveloped since its legal materials have not been added value.

The negotiations that will encourage the adoption of these results at COP28 will be led by Zambia as Chair of the Africa Group of Negotiators.

The Coalitions Working Group’s outputs will contribute to COP 28.

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