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Never touch their phones, HH worries about high divorce rate

President Hakainde has reminded the public that marriage is for life and should be characterized by love and tolerance in light of the estimated increase in divorce cases in Zambia from 22,000 in 2021 to over 31,000 last year.

Additionally, the President urged couples to maintain their faith in one another and refrain from “sneaking into phones.”

The President also mentioned how polarization in marriages is a result of too much independence and a lack of trust between partners.]

“Checking on your wife’s phone all the time. Sneaking there, checking the messages, even a general message, you interpret it to mean this is a message that means something else.

“Innocent message sometimes, we must limit our freedoms. Freedom means responsibility to limit our freedom, not to tamper with the freedoms of others. So we create issues there,” Mr Hichilema said.

When chief Maguya of the Eastern Province and Paramount chief Mpezeni visited him yesterday at the community home, he was speaking.

The President argued that marriages should be maintained rather than broken.

“Wedlocks must be maintained. An institution is marriage. The father of three stated that it was the oldest institution for humanity.

He emphasized the necessity for spouses and partners to refrain from blaming one another for their disputes in order to prevent breakups.

“Wife is being fingered by her husband. that she is a poor cook. Who claimed that our mothers were the best chefs?” questioned Mr. Hichilema.

The President added that polarization in marriages has been caused by “too much freedom” and a lack of trust between partners.

Mr. Hichilema urged residents to comprehend the origins and sanctity of marriage, calling the rising divorce rate in Zambia regrettable.

According to the President, people should be aware that marriage is a commitment for life and that partners should “restrict their freedoms” and learn to tolerate one another.

“We don’t get married to go out and check each other out; we get married for life. Or to point out the ways in which you [my husband] vary from me.

“I want to inspire Zambians to comprehend how marriage came to be. marriage’s holiness before God Family-raising,” Mr. Hichilema stated.

For a better society, the government wants robust, unified marriages and families.

“The importance of the family is paramount. It affects how society is or will be how we manage ourselves as husband and wife and how we manage our children.

Therefore, the numbers are regrettable. But occasionally as well,” Mr. Hichilema remarked.

In 2022, the courts approved 15,147 of the 31,452 divorce requests, while rejecting 16,305 of them.

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