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New Si’s Coming For The Construction Industry

In order to improve the sector’s regulation, the National Council for Construction (NCC) and the Ministry of Justice are developing four Statutory Instruments.

The registration of contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers, as well as subcontracting and joint ventures, are all covered by the Four SIs.

The NCC Council Board Chair, VITALIS MOOYA, claims that the SI on joint ventures and subcontracting will force foreign contractors to use local contractors as subcontractors on their projects and form joint ventures with locals.

Mr. MOOYA says that hiring local contractors is the only way the nation can experience genuine progress.

When the SIs are signed by the Minister, the NCC’s executive director, ERNEST NSHINDANO, said the council is prepared to implement their requirements.

The President of the National Association for Medium and Small-Scale Contractors, EDGAR SIAKACHOMA, stated that the SIs will make it possible for association members to take part in building projects.

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