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Nkombo Recommends Avoiding Resolving Succession Disputes In Court

According to Local Government and Rural Progress Minister GARY NKOMBO, the country’s development is being harmed by succession issues occurring in some chiefdoms.

Mr. Nkombo claims that succession disputes are harmful to progress and has urged royal institutions to resolve disagreements outside of court.

He claimed that royal institutions are the keepers of traditions and customs and are more familiar with family history than the courts.

During the burial of Chief KALUNGA of the Kabombo Luchazi people, who passed away over the weekend, Mr. NKOMBO made this statement.

He claimed that the late CEO was a visionary leader who supported government initiatives and collaborated closely with his team.

The late chief was hailed as having a passion for education by Kabompo Member of Parliament AMBROSE LUFUMA during his speech at the same ceremony.


Mr. LUFUMA, who doubles as the defense minister, pleaded with the Luchazi-speaking people to make the next chief election peaceful and cordial.

Chief KALUNGA was praised by North Western Province Minister ROBERT LIHEFU as a committed leader who effectively oversaw his people in the region.

At the age of 73, Chief KALUNGA LONE LIVINGI passed away.

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