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Nkwazi Mbachi accused of keeping Lions at his Game Ranch

Some Kalulushi and Kitwe residents have accused a local businessman, Nkwazi Mbachi, of keeping lions at his private game ranch which are allegedly terrorising community members.

Jibinga spoke on behalf of Mr Nkwazi Mbachi

However, Kalulushi District Commissioner, Kelly Jibinga, has refuted the accusations against the said businessman indicating that a team of wildlife officers dispatched to the game ranch did not find any animals of such nature.

Mr Jibinga has told ZANIS that the wildlife officers did a detailed search in Lukoshi, Chambishi and Kitwe as well as surrounding areas but did not find anything to implicate the businessman Mr Nkwazi Mbachi.

He said the owner of the game ranch, Mr Nkwazi Mbachi, also assured authorities that no lions are being kept at his ranch. “There are no Lions, it was a false alarm, there was nothing of that nature,” said Mr Jibinga.

He urged the communities of Lukoshi, and Chambishi as well as surrounding areas to continue farming and living freely. Mr Jibinga has nonetheless assured members of the public that his office will remain alert regarding the matter.

Source: ZNBC

In Other News – Spar Employee with Nyele video FIRED

Earlier we reported about a n@ughty video of an employee in a company uniform playing with herself, and she has reportedly been fired from work!

An alleged former Spar employee is making headlines after sharing a video while adorned in the company’s uniform, and the incident has not only led to the employee’s termination but has also fueled a heated debate on the boundaries of personal conduct in the age of digital expression.

The video, which quickly circulated on various social media platforms, left many online users stunned and prompted concerns about the potential impact on Spar’s reputation. Though Spar has not released an official statement addressing the incident, reports suggest that the company acted swiftly to terminate the employee,
aiming to safeguard its brand image.

While the start of 2024 had been relatively uneventful in terms of such controversies, this incident has reignited discussions about the moral boundaries in the online sphere. But the question remains what was going on with this Spar Employee to want to do that at work? See more

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