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Owners of mining licenses ask for time

Some of the 500 holders of delinquent mining licenses who received default notifications, according to the Mining Cadastre Department, have begun responding in writing.

Some of the license holders have orally requested to be given more time and not have their licenses revoked, according to Cadastre Department Director SAMUEL MAANGO.

However, according to Mr. MAANGO, all those who received notices are required by law to reply in writing.

In a phone interview with ZNBC News, he stated that the letters were handed out last week and that the holders of mining licenses have 30 days from the date of issuance to respond.

As the nation aims to produce 3 million tons of copper over the next ten years, Mr. MAANGO continued by saying that licenses cannot be held without operations.

The Mining Cadastre Department announced that approximately 500 non-compliant mining permits were likely to be revoked in December of last year.

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