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Papa in South Africa “heals” Mwepu

A SOUTHAFINIAN Enock Mwepu, age 24, has been certified heart-problem-free by pastor John Anosike of Word Faith in Cape Town.

The preacher said that Mwepu’s heart problem was brought on by him eating a treat that a friend gave him.

Mwepu made news last year when he learned he had a cardiac problem, which caused him to give up playing football because it was believed the disease may have killed him.

Many people expressed their sympathies for the young star and encouraged him to become a coach for other rising stars.

But, Mwepu was seen being prayed for by a pastor from South Africa in a video that has been going viral online. The pastor claims that the young star’s heart issue has been healed.

Mwepu told the preacher that he received a candy bar from a buddy last year while on route to international competitions.

He claimed that ever since, a heart issue that causes heart palpitations has grown in him.

“I just collapsed and they had to resuscitate me to wake up.Since then I came back to the UK and had to put a defibrillator to prevent heart palpitations,” he said.

After the testimony by Mwepu, Pastor Anosike declared that Mwepu was poisoned and further declared him healed.

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