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Witchdoctor Detained in connection with Horrible Murder of 10-year-old girl

A witchdoctor was detained in connection with the horrible slaying of a 10-year-old girl in Lusaka as the IG issued a warning to those responsible for the atrocities.

Police have detained two suspects in connection with the horrific death of Universal Kamushi, a 10-year-old girl from Lusaka West who went missing on March 24, 2023.

The suspects have been named as 25-year-old Harrison Chisenga of the Chipata Compound and 36-year-old Jacob Phiri of the Ngombe Compound.

A witch doctor and his son have also been detained by the police in connection with the same event.

Harrison Chisenga was apprehended on March 28, 2023, at 19:30 hours, according to Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba, following a tip from worried locals in Lusaka’s Westwood neighborhood who noticed him hiding in one of the unfinished houses.

He claimed that upon questioning, the suspect admitted to being present when the girl was killed together with his companion Jacob Phiri.

“The two suspects later led Police officers to a Witch Doctor identified as Pensulo Musonda aged 68 of Chipata Compound where they took the body parts of the girl. The Witch doctor was picked together with his 27-year-old son identified as Justin Musonda.

Investigations have since heightened and all the suspects are detained in Police custody,” he said.

And the IG claims that his command has taken note of the growing number of missing person cases, the majority of which involve youngsters, with alarm.

According to police investigations, the majority of incidents have turned out to be kidnappings by individuals who are familiar with or close to the victims, he claimed.

Everyone should be concerned about public safety, particularly the safety of children, according to Mr. Kajoba.

“As such, parents, guardians, school authorities and society as a whole have a huge role to play.The two recent crime incidents involving the abduction and eventual killing of Chikondi Banda and Universal Kamushi are suspected to have been perpetrated by people known by the two victims. The suspects allegedly took advantage of the victims while they had left their homes for school,” he said.

Since then, the IG has given police personnel working for the Zambia Police Community Services Department (CSD) instructions to improve security sensitization programs around the nation in schools, shurches, and compounds.

He claimed that the action will assist in educating kids about the value of personal security.

“Where possible, children must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or a close relative as they go to and from school.

Further, guardians are advised to always ensure that they monitor the movement of their children or any person under their custody. Let us all remember that, “Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard,” he said.

Mr. Kajoba also issued a warning to anybody who might consider committing such crimes, saying that the police are keeping a close eye on them and that they will take all necessary steps to track down criminals and ensure that they are held accountable for their acts.

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