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Zambia Ku Chalo, as America commends Zambia for its successful democratic election

Zambia’s success in its election outcome, according to United States of America Secretary of Education Miguiel Cardona, is an encouragement to the rest of the globe.
According to Dr. Cardona, Zambia is a success tale of potential that has been realized by the young people.

President Hakainde Hichilema has reaffirmed his resolve to addressing the dangers to democracy in the meanwhile.

Since then, he has explained how crucially important free and fair elections are to democracy and reiterated his commitment to making sure these concerns are dealt with.

Dr. Cardona urged democracy to advance further in his speech at the second Summit for Democracy’s official opening, noting that cooperation and teamwork will help ensure the future of democracies all across the world.

“What you have accomplished in Zambia is an inspiration to the world. Zambia is a story of potential as the young people have been realised,” he said.

He observed that people often equated elections with democracy, but they forget that in order for elections to be referred to as such, a democratic seed must be sown and allowed to germinate.

Also, Dr. Cardona praised President Hichilema for his efforts in the area of education, noting that such efforts sow the seeds of democratic involvement.

“Education plants the seeds of Democratic participation. We commend President Hichilema for your important strides in education because education is a great equalizer which creates institutions that give hope.  We are in this together. For successful democracy, we need to ensure we learn freedom and from our mistakes,” he said.

And President Hichilema said democratic threats need to be addressed through concerted efforts. “We are committed to address the threats that democracy faces.
We are too many countries in Africa changing presidency and so it is our duty to ensure the work together,” he said.

He further reiterated the pledge to strengthen electoral integrity and called on leaders to share their democratic success stories.

“Let us not just exchange technical experiences, let us also get practical experiences of democracy. We commend President Joe Biden and the Americans for furthering the agenda for Democracy. We pledge accountability and transparency as We are here to discuss pertinent issues with regards to democracy, an opportunity the Summit provides,” he said.

The Head of State also said democracy is not as static as an on and off switch of car, but is a living thing which need nurturing.

“Let us mobilise collective actions to respond to challenges of democracy. We managed to mobilise elections amidst COVID-19 and as such, let us push through challenges and threats that democracy is faced with,” he said.

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