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Paul Maukutila, a former minister of water, lands, and natural resources in the United National Independence Party-UNIP-administration, has passed away.

After a battle with illness, Mr. MALUKUTILA, 84, passed away in the early hours of today at Lusaka’s Maina Soko Medical Center.

A memorial service is being scheduled at his home in Lusaka, at Plot 154/8 off Twin Palm Road, Ibex Hill.


The late Mr. MALUKUTILA’s family and the Cabinet Office are working together to plan the funeral, and once those plans are finalized, a comprehensive schedule will be made public.

To stop the sickness from spreading, the government is advising mourners who will attend the burial to make sure COVID-19 health requirements are followed.

According to a statement issued in Lusaka by Acting Cabinet Secretary PATRICK KANGWA, this is the case.

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