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Police Capture Suspect in the KASUPE couple’s murder

A 23-year-old male has been detained by Lusaka police in connection with the murder of a couple from Lusaka West.

After being detained, the suspect reportedly assisted law enforcement in recovering a Toyota Spacio car, a television, a refrigerator, two laptops, and three mobile phones that belonged to the deceased, according to Zambian Police Deputy Spokesperson DANNY MWALE.

According to Mr. MWALE of ZNBC News, the suspect, who is suspected of having served as the deceased’s gardener, helped police track down the person he paid to transport the stolen goods using a truck.

He stated that while investigations are ongoing, the subject remains in police custody.

A couple, BERNARD CHOMBA and his wife BWALYA CHILESHE, were discovered dead last week in undetermined circumstances just a few meters from their home.

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