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Racist Rant Is Met With Protests In SA Dog Row

In South Africa, a white woman has come under fire for allegedly going on a racist rant in which she called for the removal of black women’s uteruses and the killing of black people rather than pit dogs.

Belinda Magor’s remarks were made in the midst of a heated public discussion about whether pit bulls should be outlawed in response to a recent wave of attacks on young children.

The breed’s use as pets has been completely outlawed, according to some.

Later, 60-year-old Ms. Magor attributed her outburst to her diabetes.

The voice message promoting pit bulls was circulated in a WhatsApp group.

She was detained over the weekend before being released on a warning.

According to the police, she has been charged with crimen injuria, which is Latin for “damaging one’s dignity.”


In March, she is scheduled to appear in court.

The picket took place outside of what was thought to be her estate in Benoni, which is east of Johannesburg’s central business district.

According to reports, Ms. Magor’s landlord has kicked her out of her house.

After his identity was made public, she received a 30-day eviction notice in the mail.

The Azanian People’s Organization organized the protest (Azapo).

Kekeletso Khena, its deputy leader, claimed that Ms. Magor “has no place in South Africa. She no longer has the right to reside among us.

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