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PF accuse Government of Planning to Deregister the Party on Tuesday

Given Lubinda, Vice President of the Patriotic Front (PF), revealed the government’s plans to deregister the party during a recent address to the Members of the Central Committee. Lubinda stated that the Registrar of Societies has devised a scheme to deregister the PF on Tuesday of next week, despite the party having fulfilled the requirements set by the registrar.

Lubinda expressed his astonishment at the reasons provided for the threat of deregistration, noting that the party was being criticized for not submitting academic qualifications in the form of CVs for the office bearers. He questioned the necessity of providing CVs for the registration of a political party and emphasized that the PF had already submitted the required fingerprints for the office bearers.

The PF Vice President further highlighted the perplexing nature of the situation, referring to a statement issued by the Permanent Secretary after the response from the Registrar of Societies, which urged the PF to ensure compliance. Lubinda explained that while three out of the ten office bearers had initially failed to submit fingerprints, the party had rectified the issue by providing eight additional fingerprints, surpassing the legal requirement of ten. However, the registrar informed them via a phone call that this was still insufficient.

In the face of these challenges, the PF remains resolute and committed to defending the church in Zambia. Lubinda stressed that the party will continue to protect all religious denominations from harassment, considering them all as churches of God. He firmly stated that any attack on the church indirectly constitutes an attack on the PF, and threats against the party will not deter its members from exposing what they perceive as the government’s negative influences on Zambia.

Lubinda addressed the accusations made by government officials, such as Thabo Kawana, Director of Media and Spokesperson in the Ministry of Information and Media, and Hon Jack Mwiimbu, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security. These officials had accused the PF of circulating seditious material in the form of forged letters, purportedly originating from senior government officials, targeting the Catholic church and its leadership, including Archbishop Alick Banda of Lusaka. Lubinda dismissed these allegations, stating that the PF leadership had no involvement in the creation of the documents. However, he emphasized that the content of the letter mirrored what the PF and the Zambian people had heard from the current government, even going so far as to refer to Archbishop Alick Banda as Lucifer.

Speaking at the PF Central Committee Meeting, Lubinda reiterated the party’s desire to hold the Elective Extraordinary Conference and mentioned the ongoing process of reviewing the party constitution in preparation for the event. He emphasized that the PF cannot remain silent in the face of the challenges the country is currently experiencing, as he believes that external forces are working against the party. Lubinda cited President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s past statements regarding homosexuality and the Zambianization of mines as examples that provoked powerful entities.

In other developments, Lubinda instructed PF members not to engage with the US Ambassador to Zambia, Michael Gonzalez, until he fulfills his courtesy call to the party. Lubinda also criticized the mistreatment and prolonged detention of opposition Members of Parliament and extended well wishes to former PF Media Director Antonio Mourinho Mwanza and Director of Administration Alick Tembo following their decisions to resign from the party.

The PF remains determined to confront the challenges it faces, including the potential deregistration, and continues to assert its commitment to defending the church and safeguarding the interests of its members and supporters.

Source: lusakatimes

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