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PF internal strife intensifies as Lusambo accuses Sampa of supporting UPND

The Patriotic Front’s (PF) internal strife has intensified as Bowman Lusambo, a former Kabushi member of parliament, applauds the former ruling party’s move to suspend Miles Sampa.

Mr. Lusambo argued that Mr. Sampa’s press conference, in which he complimented President Hakainde Hichilema and denounced several PF members of corruption, was immature.

According to him, the opposing political party is a membership organization, and like all membership organizations, it is bound by a set of rules and principles.

The Matero Mp, according to Mr. Lusambo, went too far when he began praising the UPND, accusing it of being a dysfunctional administration that has caused hardship for Zambians.

“Sampa’s deceitful and self-serving nature is manifesting. They say, just like pregnancy, character is difficult to hide, it always pops up. For all the things my brother Miles Sampa has been through politically, one would have expected, he would have learnt a thing or two. But in his true nature, he fully exposed his political immaturity when he held his so-called press conference last Saturday.

“In a typical Miles Sampa style, went on rampage praising President Hichilema and the UPND and somehow attempted to confirm that some PF Ministers were corrupt,” Mr Lusambo said.

Mr Lusambo has doubted if there is a way back for Mr Sampa into the PF.

“It was however difficult to tell whether he was going or coming but the only thing that was certain from his press conceive was his uncertainty about who he is and what he stands for,” he said.

He has accused Mr Sampa for betraying Zambians by siding with the UPND.

“This is the greatest betrayal of the Zambian people by a person who draws a salary by representing their interests in Parliament. Not only did Miles betray the Zambians, he also poured scorn on thousands of PF members who gave suffered atrocities at the hands of the UPND government,” he charged.

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