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Phiri sisters Arrested for Blackmail

Phiri sisters were nabbed for attempting to use a kissing video to extort Lillian Mutambo's husband.

Two Ndola sisters were detained for reportedly attempting to extort Lilian Mutambo’s husband, Hagai Lupiya, who they said they saw in a video kissing an unidentified lady.

At Bojangles in Ndola, the suspects Thandiwe Phiri and Memory Phiri are thought to have taken pictures and a video of Mr. Lupiya who was allegedly kissing a woman who was sitting on his lap.

The group allegedly intended to use the images and video clip to demand money from Mr. Lupiya.

According to reports, they threatened to post the incriminating information on social media and demanded money.

But, Mrs. Lupiya was able to provide the Phiri sisters K5,000 to hush them while she was in the UK at the time.

According to Copperbelt Province Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, who confirmed the news, the incident was reported between March 29 and April 6.

He claimed that Mr. Lupiya of Lusaka’s Meanwood neighborhood alleged that the two sisters had forcibly taken photos and a video of him while he was having fun and drank beer with his coworkers at Bojangles nightclub.

“At some point, a certain unknown lady who claimed to have known him joined them and at some point, sat on his lap and kissed him. They then sent the pictures to my wife Lilian Mutambo who was by then in the United Kingdom . After she received the pictures and videos of him, to avoid embarrassment as she and husband are public figures, agreed with their demand of paying them K5000 after they promised her to erase both the pictures and videos,” he said.

Surprisingly, he claimed, on April 5th, 2023, on Wednesday, Ms. Mutambo received voice and message conversations from one of the suspects informing her that the money she had provided them was insufficient since some people wanted to purchase the same images and video for K15,000 instead.

“They requested that the wife should at least send some amount so that they should not circulate the same videos in question. At this point, Mr Lupiya and his wife, Ms Mutambo who was already in Zambia ,were advised to report the matter to Ndola Central police where the same incident took place,” he said.

Mr Mweemba added that the two suspects were then apprehended in connection with the alleged offence.

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