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Police seize Truck carrying 274 bags of maize bound for DRC

Police in North Western Province’s Ikeleng’i District stopped a truck carrying 274 bags of white corn that was headed for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Four Congolese nationals have been detained, according to North Western Province Police Commanding Officer DENIS MOOLA, in connection with the maize found in the Muwelji area.

According to Mr. MOOLA, one of the suspects, MUSAWU KALOMBO, was discovered on the spot and claimed possession of the corn, which he claimed was headed for KOLWEZI in the DRC.

In an interview, he has stated that the suspect was unable to present the necessary paperwork for the export of corn.

According to Mr. MOOLA, the corn was being delivered in a VOLVO vehicle with a Congolese license plate that was discovered parked near the Muweji barrier.

He said that the driver and three other male passengers in the Congolese-origin car all claimed to have been employed by the suspect, who was from the DRC and had an Angolan driver’s license.

According to Mr. MOOLA, the suspects are currently being held in police custody as they await a court date.

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