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Police Summoned Mayor of Mongu & Council member for beating another council member

Nyambe Mayumbana, the mayor of Mongu, has been called in by police for an alleged assault, just a month after becoming the subject of a story in which he was discovered intoxicated in a nightclub restroom.

Following a drinking binge, Mr. Mayumbana and Jimmy Kaumba of the Kambule ward are accused of assaulting Jack Mwangala of the Imwiko ward.

The two people who are said to have hit the victim with the mayor’s car after they are suspected to have beaten the victim following an altercation.

Danny Mwale, a deputy police spokesperson for Zambia, verified the event and claimed it happened today at around 1:00 a.m. inside the Becca nightclub in the Mongu area.

According to Mr. Mwale, the two have been asked to appear before the Mongu police in relation to the assault on Mr. Mwangala.

“Police in Mongu have summoned the Mayor of Mongu Town identified as Nyambe Mayumbana and Kambule Ward Councilor identified as Jimmy Kaumba in connection with the alleged Assault of Jack Mwangala, the Ward Councilor for Imwiko.Councilor Mwangala, 42 is alleged to have been beaten by Nyambe Mayumbana and Jimmy Kaumba after an argument at a drinking spree.The victim is alleging that he was later hit by a motor vehicle registration number M1 which was driven by the Mongu Town Mayor,” he said.

“The victim sustained a swollen nose and a fractured right leg. He was rushed to Lewanika General Hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention,” he said.

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