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Traditional healer in trouble after client dies in his home

A traditional healer from the KAWAMBWA tribe will be required to explain how the medication she gave to her relative ended up dying him rather than curing him.

Sylvester Kabuswe was supposed to be treated for asthma by Getrude Chama, but the latter was supposedly killed by the latter’s medication.

Gloria Mulele, the commanding officer of Luapula Province, claimed that Mr. Kabuswe reportedly passed away on Wednesday after receiving a tattoo and medication intended to relieve his chest issues and shortness of breath.

“We received a case of suspected murder, reported at Kawambwa Police Station, by a concerned member of the public that Mr Kabuswe died at the traditional healer’s residence,” Police said.

Mr Kabuswe was taken to the traditional healer’s place by his wife Berina Kabwe.

‘The deceased was complaining of having difficulties in breathing that is how on February 15,2023 about 06:00 hours the deceased and wife went to a traditional healer who made tattoos on his chest and back after that the traditional healer applied some powder then the deceased became powerless and failed to breath and deceased told the wife that the medicine is so painful that is the when he collapsed and later died,”said Ms Mulele.

According to Ms. Mulele, Kabuswe was given an asthma diagnosis in 2019 and has been complaining of respiratory problems ever since.

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