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Poverty: Is it the Government or the Zambian people responsible for it ?

Community Transformation Network Executive Director Steven Chewe has urged Zambians to pray for Government leaders so that God can give them solutions to the economic woes the country is currently going through.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Chewe said Government leaders should not just be blamed for the poor economy but should be prayed for so that God can give them good ideas that can liberate Zambians from economic shackles.

He said Zambia need visionary leaders, that are able to make a way where there is no way.

“Zambians have been wallowing in poverty for 60 years ,so we need to find the root cause. Is it the Government or is it the people? We need to remove ignorance from the people, the bible says my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge,” he said.

Mr Chewe also observed that there is high levels of social injustice in the country adding that this the main hindrance to development.

He noted that there is a big gap between the rich and the poor in Zambia. He appealed to Government to come up with good economic policies that should protect Zambians.

Mr Chewe wondered why Government should be giving tax holidays to foreigners when Zambians are highly taxed.

Meanwhile former Government Chief Whip Steve Chungu has charged that the UPND Government has completely failed to manage economic and social needs of Zambians.

Mr Chungu who is former Luanshya Member of Parliament noted that there are no medicines in the hospitals , roads can not be worked on adding that the UPND Government can not even build schools.

He said the UPND Government has not initiated any new project saying that most of the schools that are are those the Patriotic Front government had signed for under the World Bank .

“Our hospitals have no medicines, our roads cannot be worked on,there has never being any new project that has been initiated or contracted by the UPND,” he said.

He said the economy of the country is not going to improve under the UPND Government adding that Zambians should not expect things that are not attainable.

Source: Lusakatimes

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