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ZESCO Implements Staggered Load Shedding Schedule in Lusaka

In response to stakeholder concerns, ZESCO Limited on 1st April implemented a staggered 8 hour daily load shedding program for residential areas in Lusaka.This means each area will experience two power outages of four hours each,spread throughout the day with the aim of minimizing disruption. This is according to a statement issued by Matongo Maumbi, company spokesperson.

ZESCO acknowledged the unique needs of industrial and farming operations.These sectors will continue to experience a single, uninterrupted 8 hour block of loadshedding,with 16 hours of full power supply.This allows for better production planning.

The ongoing loadshedding program implemented on March 11,2024, is a necessary measure to address the national power deficit caused by low genereation capacity.Staggering residential outages aims to minimize disruptions while ensuring grid stability.

ZESCO encouraged customers and the public to practice energy efficiency during load shedding periods. ZESCO appologized for any inconvenience caused and urged all customers to treat all power lines as live,as power could be restored unexpectedly.

Source: Lusakatimes

In other news – Minister Demands Answers as FIFA Funds Hang in the Balance Amid FAZ Crisis

Nkandu expressed deep concern over the sanctions imposed by FIFA, which entail withholding over one million dollars allocated for football development. He emphasized that such actions could have significant repercussions on the growth and advancement of the sport in the country.

Minister of Sports, Elvis Nkandu

In particular, the Minister urged FAZ to expedite the resolution of outstanding financial obligations, notably the settlement owed to former Chipolopolo Coach Aljosa Asanovic. Nkandu stressed that failure to address these issues promptly could result in Zambia losing vital funding for football development from FIFA. Read more

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