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President Hichilema Paid Tribute to the Late Hon. Mr. Justice Annel M. Silungwe

Yesterday, mourners gathered at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross to pay their last respects to the late Hon. Mr. Justice Annel M. Silungwe, who passed away on June 30, 2024. Hon. Justice Silungwe, a distinguished legal luminary, had an illustrious career in Zambia and served in jurisdictions such as Seychelles and Namibia.

During the service, President Hakainde Hichilema urged Zambians to emulate the selfless life of the late Hon. Justice Silungwe, the first indigenous Zambian Chief Justice. He remarked that Justice Silungwe had left behind a legacy marked by unwavering dedication to justice and the rule of law. Hichilema highlighted Justice Silungwe’s commitment to advancing democracy and advocating for human rights, noting his role as Chairperson for the Technical Working Group that drafted the current constitution.

The President emphasized Justice Silungwe’s contributions to promoting access to justice for all, without discrimination, and recognized his lasting impact on Zambia’s legal system and professions. He called on the judiciary to emulate Justice Silungwe’s efficiency by delivering timely judgments, stressing that “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Hichilema urged citizens to honor Justice Silungwe’s life by emulating his selflessness, professionalism, and dedication to justice and humanity. He also called on the judiciary to continue building on Justice Silungwe’s achievements to foster public trust and confidence in this vital arm of government.

The President noted that Justice Silungwe’s legacy transcended national boundaries, with significant contributions beyond Zambia. He expressed gratitude to the people and the Government of Namibia, represented by Chief Justice Hon. Justice Peter S. Shivute, for joining in mourning this esteemed legal jurist.

Source: Lusakatimes

In other news – Constitutional Court Allows New Petition against Former President Edgar Lungu’s Election Eligibility

The Constitutional Court has permitted a new petition challenging former President Edgar Lungu’s election eligibility to proceed to a full hearing. The Court dismissed Lungu’s preliminary objection, which sought to quash the petition.

Edgar Lungu

Lungu argued that the Constitutional Court lacked jurisdiction over the matter, citing a previous ruling in the case of Danny Pule and Bampi Kapalasa versus the Attorney General. Read more

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