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Progress of the Chingola CDF Projects

In the Chingola Central Constituency, around 16 construction projects have been approved and are currently being built.

According to CHIPOKA MULENGA, a member of parliament for Chingola Central, the projects show that the CDF is a reality and is about to transform the appearance of numerous townships across the nation.

The community of Chingola, according to Mr. MULENGA, who is also the minister of commerce, will gain a lot from the improved CDF.

When he visited several initiatives supported by the 2022 CDF for Chingola Constituency, he was speaking.

Some Chingola people have congratulated the government for adopting the increased CDF, claiming that it will help the communities with many of their problems.

The difficulties include, among other things, police stations, blocked school development, and destroyed bridges.

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