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Students at CBU Criticize Tayali’s Language

Leader of the Economic and Equity Party CHILUFYA TAYALI has come under fire from Copperbelt University students for his most recent comments on President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

The students who invaded the ZNBC Kitwe studios claim that Mr. TAYALI’s remarks challenging the President’s mental competence are not only disappointing but also extremely rude.

MUDENDA CHINZILA, a candidate for president of the CBU Students Union, claimed that the students’ fraternity feels humiliated since it has a lot of faith in president HICHILEMA.

Such statements from a prospective Republican president, according to Mr. CHINZILA, must be denounced by everybody.

He points out that the country has only experienced significant growth under President HICHILEMA, including the restoration of the meal allowance for students.

In addition, political actors have been urged by the CBU Students Union’s prospective Academic Affairs Minister SHADERECK LINENGA to provide real checks and balances on the executive branch rather than employing offensive rhetoric.

As a prospective republican presidential candidate, Mr. TAYALI, according to Mr. LINENGA, has a responsibility to exhibit strong leadership that motivates youngsters.

He claimed that young people, who voted overwhelmingly for President HICHILEMA in 2021, were disrespected by Mr. TAYALI’s comments.

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