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Livingstone records 33 holiday fatalities.

In the tourist hub of Livingstone, 33 casualties were reported throughout the holiday season.

While other health clinics in the district only had six cases, the Livingstone University Teaching Hospital saw 27.

According to MUTUNA CHIWELE, Head of Accidents and Emergency Department at Livingstone University Teaching Hospital, the hospital recorded seven RTAs (road traffic accidents) and twenty assaults throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Although a few RTA victims were brought to the hospital for monitoring, according to Dr. CHIWELE, all of the cases were mild, and everyone has already been released.

When compared to previous festival seasons, he claimed, both RTA and assault instances were significantly down during this season.

Additionally, the six mild cases that just required suturing were reported by the district’s clinics during the New Year’s celebrations, according to Livingstone District Health Director FACEROY NKOLE.

In a telephone interview, he claimed that no instances were reported in the clinics over the holiday season, with all cases being reported on January 1.

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