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Ready Next Week: 2022 Census Result

According to ZAMSTATS, the Zambian statistics agency, the results of the population census scheduled for 2022 would be released the next week.

A obligatory post-enumeration survey is currently being conducted, in accordance with international norms, according to interim statistician general MULENGA MUSEPA.

According to Mr. MUSEPA, an outside institution is carrying out this.

Mr. MUSEPA stated the organization has also paid 43,875 enumerators and supervisors who were owed 60 percent of their money during a press conference in Lusaka today.

However, he said that the refusal to return government property, such as power banks, tablets, and chargers, led to the 911 enumerators not being cleared.

The Lusaka District Commissioner ROSA ZULU meanwhile urged people who haven’t been paid to wait until the appropriate authorities take care of their problems.

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