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Abductors Of Pamela Chisumpa Committed To High Court

Twelve additional people, including two suspected kidnappers of mobile money agent PAMELA CHISUMPA, have been brought before the High Court for trial.

This came after the two suspects were read the charges against them in front of the LUSAKA Magistrate Court.

This morning, Resident Magistrate TREVOUR KASANDA committed the two, James Mulenga and Matthew Sikaonga, to the High Court.

This came after Senior State Advocate BOB MWEWA delivered the Certificate of Committal from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

James Mulenga and Matthews Sikaonga are accused of aggravated robbery, assault, rape, and trafficking in persons on 53 counts in this case.

Both Mr. MULENGA, 22, and Mr. SIKAONGA, 22, who are members of LUSAKA’s CHALALA, are anticipated to enter a plea after the Director of Public Prosecutions has approved the prosecution of their cases.

Along with other offenses, the two are accused of illegally trafficking PAMELA CHISUPA on April 13 in LUSAKA.

Additionally, PAMELA CHISUMPA is said to have been assaulted and suffered bodily harm by Mr. MULENGA and Mr. SIKAONGA.

They are also charged with raping FAITH MALUTI in LUSAKA between March and October, among other offenses.

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