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Senga Hill and Mbala Districts terrorized by a stray lion

In Northern Province, Senga Hill and Mbala have reported seeing a stray lion.

The lion was initially observed last month in Mbala near the police station and was headed to Lake Chila, according to Lackson Ngandu, senior warden for the Northern Province of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

According to Mr. NG’ANDU, the lion crossed the Mbala-Nakonde road to the Kavumbo region in the Senga Hill district, where it killed a goat and consumed its intestines before moving on to Saise Farm, where it murdered a donkey.

He revealed that when Department of National Parks officers from the Mpulungu district hurried to the scene to examine the carcass, they found that the lion had really killed the animals.

The lion left footprints in a field of corn in Kaponda region of Kavumbo village, according to Mr. NG”ANDU, before moving south to the Vundoka area.

He expressed gratitude to the Chaila family of Saise Farm for working with the department to support the police who flocked to the scene with logistics.

Mr. NG’ANDU stated that the department has not yet determined the lion’s origin and has since urged locals to contact the cops if they spot the animal.

In order to allow people to walk freely, HENRY SICHULA of Kavumbo village pleaded with the government to send out more officers to kill the lion.

Senga Hill District Commissioner, Jestus Sikazowe, meanwhile, pleaded with locals to maintain their composure and assist Department of National Parks officers in their search for the lion.

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