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Shortlisting of Applicants for Youth Internship Program

The government will begin shortlisting candidates for the Youth Internship Program the following week.

Youths participating in the program, which aims to empower them, will complete internships at a variety of government agencies.

According to Minister of Youth, Sport, and the Arts ELVIS NKANDU, the administration sought to complete the hiring of military troops before selecting young people for the internship program to avoid selecting them for both.

He claims that the ministry has nonetheless chosen to move on with the selection of the 2000 students who will begin the internship in June of this year.

When he presented grants to 200 kids in Luwingu District, Northern Province, as part of the National Youth Program, the Minister made this statement.

Additionally, Mr. NKANDU stated that the government would make sure that the internship program benefited needy kids across the nation.

CHOMBA CHILESHE, the district commissioner for Luwingu, advised the recipients of the grant to put them to their proper use.

The administration was praised by Mr. Chileshe for adding Luwingu in the empowerment program.

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