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SIKUMBA Demands Active Promotion of Zambia’s Tourist Attractions

In addition to Victoria Fall, the tourism minister of ZAMBIA, RODNEY SIKUMBA, has urged for vigorous marketing of other tourist destinations in the country.

According to Mr. SIKUMBA, this will increase the tourism sector’s ability to generate income.

And Mr. SIKUMBA asserts that the myth that ZIMBABWE located directly across from the picturesque expanse of the Victoria Falls needs to be refuted.

The Minister claims that ZAMBIA is on the side of the falls with the appealing side and the highest water levels.

Mr. SIKUMBA has meantime urged ZAMBIANS to use the improved Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to finance tourism-related initiatives.

This was stated in a speech delivered on his behalf by EVANS MUHANGA, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism.

This occurred on Thursday night during the annual Great Red Debate Program of the Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM), which brings in professionals to discuss various economic sectors.

Business administration expert FRANCIS MUKOSA acknowledged Zambia’s ranking as the seventh most alluring travel destination in Africa at the same event.

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