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Solochi: spills more details and denies running away

Solochi Wrote!

“First of all . Let me clear this once and for all . I am not on the RUN as they state it. I have been in Zambia ever since I released that video and some few days ago I travelled for business in South Africa 🇿🇦.

I did not receive a call out when I was in Zambia 🇿🇲 and now am wondering why they are saying am running when clearly I wasn’t approached in the first place I went live .

So here is where it all started . These are original images of the day me and maps met . I have blurred the rest of the people for confidentiality.

I can not rant on social media and forcefully accuse someone for something they didn’t do .

I have witnesses and more evidence to prove our old time conjugal visits with maps .

PIC #1 those pictures were taken in my house salama park does that ring a bill?”


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