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Some government vehicles have vanished

A review by the Auditor General’s office found that certain government vehicles are missing.

According to Transport Minister Frank Tayali, the ministry has enlisted the help of security wings to conduct inquiries and locate the missing cars.

According to Mr. TAYALI, who was unable to give an exact number due to the continuing inquiry, a sizable number of automobiles are missing.

But according to him, some vehicles have been located in ministries and added to the government asset register.

Additionally, Mr. Tayali revealed that the government has now established a procedure for registering all government vehicles with the Road Transport and Safety Bureau.

He clarified that the UPND Government intends to reform the system by registering all Government motor vehicles with RTSA because it is now done manually and is therefore simple to manipulate.

Mr. TAYALI added that the government has implemented steps to prevent the improper usage of motor vehicles.

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