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Son Murdered by mother who poured hot water on him

As his mother threw boiling water on him for eating Chisense, a local delicacy that was saved as a condiment for supper, an eight-year-old boy in Mansa died from serious burns.

His mother, Jennifer Mwansa, gave Kabaso Mwansa a glass of boiling water before immediately running away.

When Jennifer, 23, saw the now-deceased youngster eating the fried dry fish known as Chisense, she became enraged. She then poured hot water on the boy.

“The victim was later referred to Mansa General Hospital for further management but unfortunately, he passed away on April 3,2023 around 21:00 hrs. The body is lying in Mansa General Hospital Mortuary awaiting Post-mortem examination to ascertain the cause of death,” Luapula Police commanding officer  Fwambo Siame said.

Siame said the incident which happened on March 19 was reported to police by the boy’s grandfather on March 20, 2023.

“The victim sustained multiple burns on the face, chest, right hand and the entire back as hot boiling water was poured on him,” he said.

The mother, who gave birth to another child six days ago has been arrested awaiting a murder charge.

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