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Two dead bodies were found in Luangwa

Of of the eight people who drowned in the Luangwa river, TWO bodies have been found.

This followed a report of drowning in which a boat with nine passengers on board capsized near Sabaleya fishing camp site in the Republic of Mozambique.

A single person, Harrison Ngoma of Luangwa High School, was the only one to survive the catastrophe, which happened on April 2, 2023, at around 9:00 a.m. in the waters nearby the Indian Ocean.

Six Zambians and three Mozambicans were traveling by boat to the Sabaleya fishing camp location in the Republic of Mozambique to do business involving fish, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

“Two bodies have so far been retrieved. Police inspected the bodies upon arrival at Luangwa/Zambezi confluence harbour on April 4, 2023 around 23:00 hours and were identified as Elizabeth Musonda of unknown house number, Ndeke compound in Kitwe and Vera Phiri aged 61 of Kanyama compound in Lusaka,” he said.

Mr. Mwale, because Ms. Phiri’s body was in such poor condition, she was promptly buried at a gravesite in the Luangwa District, while Ms. Musonda’s body was placed in the mortuary of the Luangwa District Hospital.

He said that in order to determine the true reason of the unfortunate incident, police have launched investigations.

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