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Star Milling Begins To Monitor Retail Prices

To make sure that dealers are selling mealie meal at the suggested price, Star Milling Company has started keeping an eye on them.

The goal, according to company marketing manager FRANCIS MUMBA, is to deal with merchants who might be taking advantage of customers.

And Mr. MUMBA said that the Food Reserve Agency had provided the company more corn.

Minister for the Copperbelt ELISHA MATAMBO claims that the government’s efforts to stop smuggling are beginning to pay off.

This, according to Mr. MATAMBO, can be observed by the number of trucks that have been seized as a result of the tightening of security in the hotspots for smuggling, who spoke to ZNBC news in Ndola.


He said that the provincial government has increased the involvement of mayors and town clerks in the effort to combat smuggling.

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