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State House refutes Allegations claiming First Lady, Mutinta Hichilema Owns Mkushi Mine

State House refutes media allegations claiming that the First Lady, Mutinta Hichilema, is the owner of a mine in Mkushi.

A mine in Mkushi is not owned by the first lady, Mutinta Hichilema, contrary to media rumors, according to State House Chief Communications Specialist Clayson Hamasaka.

Since then, Mr. Hamasaka has referred to the reports as malicious rumors and false, noting that Mrs. Hichilema is happy with who she has always been and never changed into as First Lady.

“False and malicious in the sense that the First Lady Mrs. Hichilema does not own any mine anywhere, not even under proxies. Those who have observed her lifestyle so far will attest that the First Lady is largely reserved and conservative. She is content with what she has always been before becoming the First Lady,” he said.

According to Mr. Hamasaka, the First Lady is not materialistic and should not use her position of privilege to pursue wealth, such as owning a mine.

He claimed that such irrational charges are damaging to her modest and straightforward nature and, in all fairness, cannot go unchallenged.

“In my more than 25 years of journalism training and practice, it is a bare minimum requirement for a journalist to balance stories by giving an opportunity to the accused to equally give their side of the story.

The President has emphasized the importance of allowing media outlets to function in a free environment, unlike in the past. Yet, that shouldn’t be interpreted as a permit for careless reporting that disregards professional ethics and norms.

“Really, how can an established media house broadcast unverified information on such an explosive issue with potential to cause public discontent and hatred against the first family and the Government at large,” Mr Hamasaka said.

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