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Teachers under pressure to promote math and science in the classroom

Bernard Mpundu, the Permanent Secretary of the Northern Province, has urged teachers in the region to devote more time to teaching math and science.

Mr. Mpundu noted that the province’s students struggle in the sciences and maths. Since then, the permanent secretary has asked educators to make a real effort to change the current situation.

“We need to pull up our socks first as educators and our learners will buy into our activities. Let’s try by all means to let these guys do well, ” said Mr. Mpundu.

He added “School is not difficult, but what is difficult is for you to find time to study. When you don’t understand what the teacher means, you ask,” said Mr. Mpundu.

When the permanent secretary visited Finkokoto Primary School and spoke with students there, he said this.

Through his interactions with students, Mr. Mpundu discovered that the grade nine students who received the greatest marks in science received 70% and the highest in mathematics received approximately 55%.

He also urged students to find time to study and pay attention to what they are taught in class.

“We want you to become leaders. One of you can become a DC, one of you can become a teacher, and one can be Permanent Secretary, minister and even President. What is important is for you to pay attention to what they are teaching you and be able to find time to study and, again to revise” he said.

Mr. Mpundu applauded World Vision Zambia in Luwingu for helping to establish reading camps in the region.

He claimed that by assisting kids in learning to read and write at a young age, the camps are assisting in the achievement of high literacy levels.

“This is an important project, particularly for Northern Province where we see most of our children are lagging behind in terms of literacy, so when there is such an initiative, I think we need to support it,” said Mr. Mpundu.

According to Enzo Mpundu, World Vision’s development facilitator for the Luwingu District, the organization has sponsored the establishment of multiple reading camps in the area to teach kids how to read and write.

He claimed that the camps set up in the villages give kids a chance to practice reading and writing outside of the classroom.

In order to give students reading and writing skills, Mr. Mpundu noted that the camps are aimed at both school-aged and non-school-aged youngsters.

“Our target is for children between grades one to four but others are still not yet in school. Most of the children pick it up from here even if they don’t get into school, but through interaction with other children and reading camp facilitators, they tend to know most of the things and most of them would even know how to read and write”, he said.

Also, Sylvester Kamfwa, a local from Kalende Village, claimed that parents have backed the program since it is helping their kids.

People, according to Mr. Kamfwa, are aware of the importance of education for the growth of both their neighborhoods and the country.

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