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ZAF Commander issues a GBV warning to military personnel

Colin Barry, the commander of the Zambian Air Force, has urged both service members and civilians to refrain from participating in acts of gender-based violence (GBV). According to Lieutenant General Barry, it is concerning that certain members of the military have become involved in GBV cases.

He deemed this behavior undesirable and added that his command would not put up with such disobedience. He stated that both the neighborhood and the nation as a whole were disturbed by GBV.

This was said by Lt. Gen. Barry yesterday in Lusaka during the formal transfer of the ZAF Twin Palm station administration office blocks.

“Let me take this opportunity and urge you men and women in uniform to stop involving yourselves in GBV cases. This is sad and lately I have been seeing reports of you. If it is not a woman being involved in GBV cases, then it is a man in uniform. This has to stop,” he said.

He emphasized that those who wear uniforms are expected to uphold moral principles and uphold the law.

Since then, Lt. Gen. Barry has reminded the military members that discipline, military etiquette, and customs are the basis of their existence.

“This uniform we wear comes not only with great authority but great responsibility. For this reason, I urge personnel to exhibit high levels of discipline on and off duty. At all times bear in mind that it is a privilege to wear this uniform and serve the people of Zambia,” he said.

The ZAF Commander also asked the soldiers to carry out their duty with professionalism and accountability.

He advised service members to perform their tasks conscientiously by abiding by budgetary restrictions, standard operating procedures, and procurement guidelines.

According to Lt. Gen. Barry, accountability necessitates workplace ethics.

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