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The court hears how two TVs were stolen from ECL’s home

The court hears how two TVs were stolen from ECL's home, for which the government pays monthly rent of $6,500.

A magistracy learned Wednesday that two 55-inch televisions were stolen from the former president Edgar Lungu’s rented home in Ibex Hill after an intruder cut an electric fence and destroyed a door.

The home, which is being managed by Shimbinzyani Chavula and is being rented for US$6,500, is owned by football player Stoppila Sunzu.

Angel Chipasha, 30, a businessman from the 10 Miles area, is accused of burglary and theft in this case; the alleged crimes took place on August 9 of this year.

According to the allegations, Chipasha allegedly broke into Mr. Lungu’s home and took two televisions belonged to Shimbinzyani Chavula.

When questioned by Lusaka Magistrate Chrispine Hampungani, Chipasha refutes the accusations.

Mr. Chavula testified during yesterday’s trial that although he oversees Mr. Lungu’s completely furnished Ibex Hill home, Mr. Sunzu actually owns it.

Mr. Chavula, a carpenter employed by the Ministry of Defense, said that in January of this year, he purchased two 55-inch Samsung TVs for the house staffed by Zambian police officers for K19,950.

However, according to him, burglars entered the home by interfering with the electric fence.
“They demonstrated to me how to cut an electric fence. The entrance leading into the lounge was somewhat damaged. The people that broke into the house are unknown to me. Later, Lusaka Central Police called me to help identify one of the found televisions, according to Mr. Chavula.

The prosecution objected, claiming that the inquiry was unrelated to the case, when a defense attorney in cross-examination questioned how much the house is rented at to the former head of State.

However, the magistrate overruled the protest.
Then, Mr. Chavula informed the court that the Government pays US$6,500 in rent and that the property has CCTV.

When asked if the individual who broke into the house could be seen on the CCTV, Mr. Chavula replied that he had not seen the video since he had been advised that he could only do so after police saw it.

Another witness described to the court how the defendant called him and said he had two TVs for sale.

Sydney Makasa, age 31, of Zani Muone West claimed that Chapasha, whom he knows personally, told him that he was selling the TVs as a result of moving into an unwired home.

“He called to let me know that he was selling TVs for K6, 250 each. He uploaded a photo. I told him I would send the money later because I didn’t have the cash on hand. I subsequently transferred K6, 250 to his Airtel Money account, according to Mr. Makasa.
He claimed to have afterwards employed Reuben Ngulube, a Yango driver, whom he asked to meet Chipasha to pick up the TV.

“Reuben afterwards acknowledged meeting Chipasha. But I was occupied at the time we were meant to meet so I could get the TV from Reuben,” Mr. Makasa claimed.

He claimed that before he could pick up the TV, police had come to his store on a Monday with Chipasha, who he had been requested to identify.

“We [then] traveled with Chipasha and the police to meet Ngulube. We went to the police and were detained in relation to theft allegations after picking up the TV in the Six Miles area, according to Mr. Makasa.

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