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“The Key To Development Is Digital Transformation”

According to FELIX MUTATI, minister of technology and science, digital transformation is crucial for the nation’s development.

Speaking during the official launch of the ZAMREN Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2026, Mr. Mutati asserted that the digital transformation will enable people to succeed, particularly in the field of education.

The Minister congratulated ZAMREM for their ongoing efforts to link students nationwide to the internet.

According to Mr. Mutati, ZAMREN supports government initiatives to enhance knowledge and skill acquisition, particularly in science and technology.

This was said by Mr. Mutati in a speech that was read on his behalf by Dr. Brilliant Habeezu, the Permanent Secretary.

The strategic plan, according to ZAMREN Board Chairperson ANNE SIKWIBELE, would offer a clear road map for the implementation of high-quality education in the nation.

According to Professor SIKWIBELE, this is consistent with the sustainable development goal of equitable, inclusive education.

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