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Thieves steal K120,000 and documents from two cars

Unknown individuals broke into a Toyota Vitz owned by UBABA Logistics Company, stole K60,000.00 in cash, and other items, according to police in Lusaka.

The owner left the money and a few business documents in the car while he took care of some business at Mayfair Insurance Company on Addis Ababa Drive.

About 16:00 on February 24, 2023, the incident took place.

The victim, described as 38-year-old Chundu Simfukwe of the Chelstone neighborhood, withdrew money from Atlasmara Bank at Arcades and then proceeded to Mayfair Insurance, where he parked the car while still leaving the money and other company paperwork inside.

He claimed that when Mr. Simfukwe got back into the vehicle, it was discovered that the rear right passenger window had been damaged, and money, along with the bank checkbook and other valuables, had been taken.

“Police visited the scene and the CCTV footage viewed showed a Benz car, grey in colour, following the victim’s car into Mayfair premises. Two unknown male persons emerged from the car and one was seeing hitting the window to gain access,” he said.

In a related incident, unidentified individuals broke into a Toyota Fortuner and took a bag containing K60,000.00 and other documents, including two checkbooks, as well as other items.

“The incident occurred on February 24, 2023 between 14:00 hours and 14:45 hours at Spoon Restaurant in Olympia park.

Initial investigations indicate that the owner of the vehicle identified as Mariajani Lungu aged 48 of Meanwood parked the vehicle at Spoons Restaurant along Parliament Road where he was having his lunch meal.

When he return to the car, he was alerted by the guard that unknown people he did not see broke his car. Police visited the scene and found that the passenger rear window was broken to gain entry,” he said.

Mr Mwale said Police have instituted investigations in both incidents.

“We have observed with serious concern the increase in the number of cases involving thefts from motor vehicles. We wish to remind members of the public especially motorists that leaving valuables in the car at any point attracts criminals who will do everything possible within their means to gain access even if the vehicle is locked.Motorists are encouraged to make good use of their view mirrors to check who is following them whenever they embark on their journeys especially after leaving Bank premises,” he said.

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